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About Us

Birchfield String Orchestra
The Birchfield String Orchestra (BSO) consists of a small group of players who meet weekly in Sutton Coldfield to play together for enjoyment. We play a wide variety of pieces from the string orchestra repertoire, ranging from Purcell, Bach and Handel via Mozart, Haydn, Brahms and Elgar to Grainger and Britten.
Anyone with a basic standard of approx Grade V on violin, viola, cello or double bass is welcome to join. If you are a bit rusty and have not played for a while, feel free to contact us and maybe attend a couple of rehearsals before deciding whether to join the orchestra.
We do not give concerts; we play because we enjoy playing together. Also, some of the orchestra have occasionally played solo pieces/concerti for violin, viola, flute, clarinet or piano.


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